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"Just can’t stop this man from laying down the funk-pop grooves. With his pumping horns and locked in rhythm section, the songs keep hitting their marks. Makes you want to dance and sing along to this joyous ode to all that is up!"
Martin perkins-martyP is a Writer,Composer, Performer and Storyteller!He iS Melbourn 
based writer for Film and TV, Music for the live stage and earholes. Playing his original tunes with a 5 piece funk ‘n pop band or laying it back with an acoustic trio. Music to set your mind a wandering.

Down the rustic path we go

A little battered, still aglow

Fire burns the music bright

Homeward bound, again tonight


Never lost and never found

Bare feet walking,

constant groundThrough the haze towards the sound 

Onwards and on to Smokeytown.


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